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This is Symon's Website for Champions in Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs the Third Reich.

(The website that thinks it's an FTP site!)

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Freedom Force Material. (The Important stuff.)
The Champions (The stock Superteam of the Champions Universe.)
Heroes (Superheroes from the Champions Universe.)
Hero Teams (The Champions Universe has several.)
Protagonists (Characters that are neither Heroes nor Villains.)
Villains (The Bad Girls and Guys, or are they?)
Villain Teams (Even villains have friends.)
Others (Those that fit nowhere else.)
Imports (Characters from other RPG that I converted to Champions.)
My Characters (Characters I created for Champions.)
Converting Champions to Freedom Force (A work in progress)
FFX2.6 manual (Maintenance release of the FFX2.6 Manual.)

Other Things (For interests sake.)
About Champions
Champions Products
About Freedom Force
Links to other Champions Characters for Freedom Force
Links to resources
About Marvel Comics and The Skindex.
FAQ Some question you might want the answers to.

What's New?
All dates are in European format (DD/MM/YYYY)
16/10/2006 Added the Shadow Cruiser.
23/09/2006 Added the new FFX2.6 manual, both online and as a zip download.
23/09/2006 Started to cleanup. Added Fv_dracona_gremlin.
05/11/2005 First update in ages. Still no more space. Massive update to Champions to FF. Added a few teasers.
05/10/2003 Added Giant, Chaos, Le Sone. Part one of the Champions to Freedomforce conversion.
02/09/2003 Added Lady Arcane, Black Diamond, Black Claw, Arrowhead, Taurus, Capricorn and Doctor Photon.
27/08/2003 Added Jaguar, Maelstrom, Halfjack, Snapdragon, Locust, The Whip, Whiteflame, Mentalla and Deathsinger. Moved Gremlin into GRAB.
17/08/2003 Slight site redesign. Added Sparkplug, Brainstorm, Doc Sonic, Fiacho, Durak, Pantera, Bora, and Spectra.
13/08/2003 Added two versions of Flare, Helios, Quasar, Gremlin, Coatlicue and Thunderbolt.
09/08/2003 Updates links, added Demonfire, Icestar, Rose and Titaness.
06/08/2003 Opened site.